Bicultural Consultant

As a “bicultural consultant” I have the ability to be an “Ambassador Between Worlds.” You’re thinking, what does that mean? Are these simply glorified titles boiling down to translator?

I effectively have two brains. They are separate but fused - a Japanese one and an American one. These brains allow me to function as a native to Japan and the US. My entire formative years were spent immersed in fundamentally different languages and cultures, which wired my brain this way.

My culturally sensitive minds bridge gaps and divisions between nations beyond America and Japan.

For instance, as the U.N. Reporter for The Yomiuri Shimbun, I was the sole liaison between the international community and the New York bureau of the newspaper with the largest circulation in Japan. Working for a Japanese Import/Export Company in New York, I was relied on to communicate with Japanese and English-based governmental and private organizations, from the State Department to shipping companies, and I single-handedly solved problems for my company that other employees without my cultural skill set would have been hard pressed to do.

I can be of service in the field of worlds with fundamentally different, if not conflicting, cultural norms and rules. With me at your disposal, you will have a tool capable of operating effortlessly in the international arena. Hire me. You can throw me into the lion’s den, Japan, the US, the world at large. I produce. I produce results. Building relationships with communities across the globe. For me that’s a Tuesday.

“Bilingual professionals” are dime a dozen. My life experience means more than language. Immersed in Japanese, American, and international communities from early childhood cultivated in me the ability to navigate distinct cultures and connect with people no matter where they are from.

As a “bicultural consultant,” I not only can translate and interpret, I can bring the world to you.

I’m here to make a contribution.